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Monthly Archives: Tháng Mười Một 2015

Tulip Châu Sa

Dear my loved friends who prayed for me last few days!
My surgery went pretty well and I am doing great. I am home for Thanksgiving Eve Dinner with all my loved ones that I can’t live without. Thank you again for your prayers. I could feel the Spirit healed me through Dr. Davis Thomas and his surgery assistant team.

I am so thankful for everything Lord Jesus blessed me through all of you and His Angels around me daily.

I wish all of you and your lovely families a Thanksgiving filled with love and joy in your hearts and minds! And as you celebrate this special day, please join with our people across this Nation to express our gratitude to who ever had done anything in your lives, good or bad has its benefits, it all inspiring help us become a better person, I remember a quote said, “Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness; bad people give you experience; worst people give you lesson AND best people give you memories”. This quote is too good to be true.

12308411_945176388909786_1182241343172842898_nI am looking up to Jesus expressing my great GRATITUDE to Him, He is my provider, my Savior, my Lord! He is the only ONE WHO could help me live my life of gratitude. And as most of us have known, living a life of gratitude can make everyone of us happy. Why? Simply when we live a life of gratitude can help us get out of depression. Gratitude is also noticing the good things and reminds us of the positive things in our lives. It can turn bad things into good things.

Be thankful because it could make us stronger characters.  It reminds us of what’s important, what’s not. It reminds us to thank others. All of these things can change our lives and bring us happiness. Some of you may not agree with me, but, I just had shared with you my wonderful experiences about living a life of GRATITUDE. I hope one day you will share with others the same things about GRATITUDE that you would experience in your lives, just like I had shared with you today. The GRATITUDE is a beautiful virtue to practice and to live with!

I love you all!


Family Thanksgiving Eve Dinner. Nov 25, 2015

Tulip Châu Sa

I’m going to have Cerebral Angiogram procedure due to my Brain Aneurysm tomorrow morning.

During this procedure, Dr. Davis Thomas will insert a thin, flexible catheter into my large artery in my groin, then thread it past my heart to the arteries in my brain. A special dye injected into the catheter will travel to arteries throughout my brain.

I had first Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery in late August 2012. The symptoms are going on and never stopped, my vision is real bad now and my neck is hurting me daily.

I’ll be in Riverside Hospital by 7:00AM. Ms. Ruth will pick me up around 5:45AM. I really need your prayers from 7:00 AM until 1:00PM. Please also pray for my son and daughter at home too. I lift up everything to the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in the power of our Savior through your prayers. Thank you for your loving care and may The Lord bless you all.

In His Grace and Glory,
Chau Phan

Tulip Châu Sa

Kinh Đô Ánh Sáng trong phút chốc biến thành Kinh Đô của Dòng Sông Dư Lệ. Chỉ có nước mắt bàng hoàng của những người ở lại mới viết đầy đủ về những câu chuyện của những người nằm xuống đêm qua giữa trung tâm Kinh Đô Ánh Sáng Paris… Cái ác dường như đang mạnh lên thành cơn lốc xoáy trên cả địa cầu. Nó muốn quét sạch lương tri con người. Sự thật thì lương tri con người luôn tìm ẩn và sẽ mọc lên như nấm sau mỗi cơn càng quét của nó. Paris ơi! Cả thế giới đang cùng lau khô dòng dư lệ với bạn!


My prayers for Paris and Victims of terrorism 😢

Paris! The City of magnificent Light in just seconds became The City of Tears! The World weeps with You, and The World cry out for you in prayers, Paris!

Tulip Châu Sa

Chỉ có đời sống được Đức Thánh Linh ngự trị trong tâm hồn và hướng dẫn chúng ta mới chống lại được những hỗn loạn và lo lắng mà hằng ngày Ma Quỷ dùng đế tấn công chúng ta! Bạn đã thực sự có Đức Thánh Linh trong đời sống bạn chưa!?
PS: Nếu chưa thì bạn hãy dành thời gian đọc Kinh Thánh hằng ngày, thú nhận tội lỗi của mình với Chúa Giê-su, Ngài sẽ hướng dẫn bạn!


We can only fight to win over the chaos and depression or worries which the Devil loves to use to attack us daily when we truly have The Spirit in our hearts and let Him control everything in our lives. Do you have The Spirit in your hearts yet!?

PS: If not yet, take your time to read Bible daily and confess your sin to Jesus, He will guide you the rest…..

Tulip Châu Sa

My loved ones and I came to join Lower Light Christian Health Center’s Thanksgiving event yesterday at Grove City Church of Nazarene. I have shared with them about LLCHC where I am currently working, and especially I shared with them a wonderful story of Dr. Dana Vallangeon who decided to dedicate her life to Jesus in medical field.

She was called by Jesus to serve Him since she was 16 years old, at that time she just did not know in what field He will use her to serve Him. Her life was struggle around temptation between the choice of easy life for herself or carry the cross and walk into dark valley to rescue the lost souls. She finally over came all the temptation and today she is the pioneer to fish the souls for Jesus in medical field at LLCHC.

My kids were so excited to meet Dr. Dana and great people at this event. I pray that Jesus places inside of my kid’s hearts the spirit of service Him when they are still young. Thank You, Lord Jesus for giving me a home to serve Him through poor patients with all my heart and soul at Lower Light Christian Health Center.


My sister and her daughter Janice (front row) My son Calvin and daughter Theresa (back row)

Tulip Châu Sa

Thanksgiving, Appreciation and Recognition Yearly Event of Lower Light Christian Health Center at Grove City Church of Nazarene- November 7, 2017- PLEASE READ CAUSE YOU MAY SAVE SOMEONE!


My sister and Daughter (front row) My Son and my Daughter (back row)


The Board-Sponsor of LLCHC and The Board Staffs of LLCHC

I am so thankful for being a part of Lower Lights Christian Health Center.

Our Lower Lights Christian Health Center (LLCHC) is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to making a difference in a medically underserved area by improving access to health care and by providing consistent holistic high quality medical care to all who need it regardless of their ability to pay.

My family and I had a wonderful time at Grove City Church of Nazarene where we met the Board of LLCHC, the Board Staffs of LLCHC and all wonderful Doctors, Nurses and Administration staffs of LLCHC.

Thank You Jesus Christ for giving me and my loved ones an opportunity to meet all GREAT PEOPLE at Grove City Church of Nazarene, the Sponsor of Lower Light Christian Health Center.

PS: To my dear friends in Ohio, if you know any ones need medical care and they don’t have medical insurances to cover the cost, please tell them come to Lower Light Christian Health Center, we can help them get the best care without worrying about their ability to pay. Also, if you want to be a part of LLCHC, we have several positions currently opening, including Physicians Staffs. Jesus Bless your hearts!


We are having a light brunch before the program started


Wonderful People of LLCHC

Tulip Châu Sa

Chúa yêu dấu của con,
Con xin Chúa ban cho con khả năng để nói chuyện tử tế, ngay cả lúc nếu con bị người khác mạ lỵ hay xúc phạm nặng nề, xin cho con có sự khôn ngoan của Chúa để trả lời mọi người một cách nhẹ nhàng và đúng thời điểm. Con muốn mọi cư xử của con sẽ làm hài lòng Chúa, thể hiện về Chúa và Tình Yêu của Ngài. Amen!