Tulip Châu Sa

My loved ones and I came to join Lower Light Christian Health Center’s Thanksgiving event yesterday at Grove City Church of Nazarene. I have shared with them about LLCHC where I am currently working, and especially I shared with them a wonderful story of Dr. Dana Vallangeon who decided to dedicate her life to Jesus in medical field.

She was called by Jesus to serve Him since she was 16 years old, at that time she just did not know in what field He will use her to serve Him. Her life was struggle around temptation between the choice of easy life for herself or carry the cross and walk into dark valley to rescue the lost souls. She finally over came all the temptation and today she is the pioneer to fish the souls for Jesus in medical field at LLCHC.

My kids were so excited to meet Dr. Dana and great people at this event. I pray that Jesus places inside of my kid’s hearts the spirit of service Him when they are still young. Thank You, Lord Jesus for giving me a home to serve Him through poor patients with all my heart and soul at Lower Light Christian Health Center.


My sister and her daughter Janice (front row) My son Calvin and daughter Theresa (back row)