Tulip Châu Sa

I’m going to have Cerebral Angiogram procedure due to my Brain Aneurysm tomorrow morning.

During this procedure, Dr. Davis Thomas will insert a thin, flexible catheter into my large artery in my groin, then thread it past my heart to the arteries in my brain. A special dye injected into the catheter will travel to arteries throughout my brain.

I had first Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery in late August 2012. The symptoms are going on and never stopped, my vision is real bad now and my neck is hurting me daily.

I’ll be in Riverside Hospital by 7:00AM. Ms. Ruth will pick me up around 5:45AM. I really need your prayers from 7:00 AM until 1:00PM. Please also pray for my son and daughter at home too. I lift up everything to the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in the power of our Savior through your prayers. Thank you for your loving care and may The Lord bless you all.

In His Grace and Glory,
Chau Phan