13417421_1066119556815468_8713517097222425363_nTulip Châu Sa

🌷So much to talk and discuss about the Beach Camp with my kids and my niece this year. I want to make sure they keep the fire they brought home from the Camp burning daily in their souls, their lives! However, they all need sometimes to rest after the long road trip. I’ll get back to them in a few days with the Theme Topic of the camp: Set Apart!

🌷There is No WORDS for me to use to describe how much I want to give thanks to the Lord, to my kids Pastors, to the parents who set their time in their busy schedules to travel along with my kids and be with them at the camp. Each time they came home, the first thing they told me is “I love our camp, mother!”, and of course they have many wonderful testimony stories to share, they made me feel like I was at the camp and listened to wonderful kids talked about Jesus in front of thousands youths ❤️

🌷 I love my Northwest Bible Church, where all I have learned is the TRUTH about Jesus Christ and how He changes lives from bad to HOLY!❤️