13417421_1066119556815468_8713517097222425363_nTulip Châu Sa

Dear Lord,
🌷It has been such a long, difficult, sad time for me and my loved ones for years. There is so much that is wrong in our dear family for so long because of her and him. You are being removed from so much in our hearts and we are seeing the fruits of that effort!

🌷Lord, may we see our need for you. I pray for peace. I pray for revival. I pray for truth, righteousness, justice and love for one woman and one man who destroyed our united family that my Mom and Dad had built up in their whole life to prevail in every area of our hearts. I pray for an end to senseless spiritual violence that he and she keep making. Please strengthen and encourage my family members who are feeling weak, weary and discouraged. May your love and peace fill our hearts and homes and spill over onto those around us. May we be lights in the darkness and voices of reason that point the way to you. Lord, I pray for your comfort for grieving hearts of my loved ones.

🌷I pray for your peace for worried, anxious minds. I pray that he and she will find you and look to you to be their Savior so they can allow You to change their evil hearts. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.